7zip VS WinRAR: The Best File Compression Tool

7zip VS WinRAR. When you hear about file compression tools, which of them do you used the most? Actually, there are many files archiving tools in the market that you can get for free. The question is, which of these tools are the best? To help you with, we made a comparison between the two of the most prominent file archiving tools – 7zip and WinRAR.

7zip VS WinRAR

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Both 7zip and WinRAR have the same purpose and that is to compress and decompress your large volume of files. We have to admit that sometimes no matter how large our computer storage is, we still reach the point where it is full-packed with documents that we cannot delete. That’s when the time we needed a file compression tool.

However, it is hard to decide which one are we going to get right? Since we want the best, we search continuously until we get it. Now, our goal for this post is not to tell you which is the best between 7zip and WinRAR. Because at the end of the day, the most important is which works the best for you.

So, let’s start the battle between 7zip vs winrar!

7zip VS WinRAR

The first thing we need to consider is the availability of these tools. While 7zip is completely free, WinRAR on the other hand offers a free trial version.

In short, if you are looking for a tool which will not cost you, then go for 7zip. But I guess you should also give WinRAR a try. You’ll never know, WinRAR is what you are looking for.

When it comes to archiving, 7zip and WinRAR both use propriety formats which are not fully supported on other systems. They require a certain software for someone to unpack the compressed files. Compressing files in 7zip and WinRAR is not a problem since they support every format.

According to the test we have run, compressing on WinRAR is much faster than on 7zip. In addition to that, WinRAR compresses files to a smaller volume than 7zip.

Our Verdict

It is really hard to tell which of these two file archiving tools is the best because they both do good. Honestly speaking, not all free are crap and not all paid are better. Sometimes, their differences are just a strand of the hair, you will not notice until you see it.

And what we have said earlier, the decision is still on the person who uses it. 7zip may work the best for me but not on you. On reverse, WinRAR may be the best tool for you but just doesn’t work for me. That’s all we can say!

In Conclusion

So, have you made your decision? We cannot cover everything in here and tell you which is the best between 7zip VS WinRAR. But you should try both of them to know their differences.

If you have anything to ask us, please leave a comment inside the box below. We will try to give you the best answer we could give.

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